Burnley Gardens Walk – mobile app

Did you know that the University of Melbourne manages a heritage-listed garden that is over 150 years old? Located on the Burnley campus in Richmond are the beautiful botanical Burnley Gardens. Situated on nine hectares, the gardens are home to over 3000 individual plants from close to 1000 different species, including some of the oldest trees in Melbourne.

Staff at the Burnley campus have developed the Burnley Gardens Walk smart phone application, a self-guided tour through the Burnley Gardens. The walk will inform you about the gardens’ history, the design principles and current uses. Over 22 stops you will learn about rare plants, specific garden beds, historical events, our iconic trees and the modern elements of green infrastructure on campus.

You can listen to the information about each stop in voice-overs provided by Burnley staff, or read the information on the screen. Each stop is GPS enabled, a map of the tour is provided and the stops are clearly marked in the gardens. The smart phone app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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