Stefan Arndt

The major focus of my research is on the interface between plants and their environment. Particularly I am interested to understand the physiological responses of plants to their abiotic and biotic environment and the role of plants in the functioning of ecosystems.

I have had extensive research experience in plant ecophysiology and biogeochemistry, with research relating to processes operating at leaf, whole plant and ecosystem scales. My work has recently focused on the process-based investigation of carbon balance, nutrient cycling and fluxes of greenhouse gases in forest ecosystems and the adaptation of trees to environmental stresses. My contribution to this field has been to use physiological and ecological measures to increase our understanding of ecosystem function, with improved process understanding and model development as a goal.

  • biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems, particularly the ecosystem carbon dynamics under changing climatic conditions,
  • greenhouse gas fluxes in natural and agro-ecosystems,
  • adaptations of plants to the environment and changing environmental conditions,
  • evaluation of ecological and physiological mechanisms that enable growth and survival of plants and communities,
  • assessment of the effects of environmental stresses on plants and their responses.